Title Number Location Area (sqm) Classification Price Status
040-2017017696 Partida, Brgy. Muzon (Beside Partida Muzon Elem. School) 883 sqm Residential (Vacant Lot) 1,766,000 Available
040-2018011053 Bo. of Sto. Cristo 13,457 sqm Cogon Land 9,419,900 Available
040-2017019654 Rd. 12 Minuyan (along Main Road) 338 sqm Residential w/ improvements 1,521,000 Available
040-2018011052 San Vicente, Sta. Maria 12,503 sqm Agri/Bacood 8,752,100 Available
040-2018006661 Sitio Gulod, San Vicente, Sta. Maria 2,000 sqm Agri/Bacood 3,000,000 Available
040-2018011529 Brgy. Kaypian 444 sqm Residential 1,332,000 Available
040-2018002840 Norzagaray, Bulacan (near Elem. School) 310 sqm Residential Commercial 2,000,000 Available
040-2018011527 Tigbe, Nor. Bulacan 333 sqm Residential 1,200,000 Available
Terms and Conditions:

a. Method of Payment: Cash or installment basis.

b. The reservation fee of P 10,000 for the property is good only for a period of 30 days and 20% shall be forfeited to cover administrative expenses.

c. For buyers on installment basis, 15% downpayment is required and the remaining 85% shall be payable at maximum term of ten (10) years at interest rate of 12% per annum diminishing balance. Any prospective taker may inquire with the Cash and Investment Management Operations Dept. thru Eugene DT. Cabuhat, Investment and ROPA Officer with contact no. 0999-361-6842 / (044) 815-2166 and negotiate as regards the selling price with the with the approval of the Board of Directors. Selling of Acquired Asset is open to all members and is entitled for a commission. Interested agent must secure an authority to sell issued by the Chief Executive Officer.
Description Details Price Status
Honda BR-V S-CUV Year Model 2017 Color: Modern Steel Chassis No: MRHDG1840HP000376 Engine No: L15z3961010 CR No. 270796234 850,000 Available
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